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House with a Pool

About Us


We are the pool department of

Chattels In Design USA Ltd Co LLC. 

Our company offers everything you need to create a back yard oasis. 

The Chattels In Design team design and build decks, sunrooms, screen rooms, patio walk ways, Pergolas, pool houses, swimming pools, and more!

Luxurious Home

Read what the Manufacturer says About their products:

Advanced Fiberglass Pools Manufacturing

A Pool isn't just a pool. It’s a place to strengthen bonds, have fun, and make countless memories. We craft our pools to last, so that your family will have the opportunity to enjoy it and spend summer after summer together in a place that’s all your own.

Let’s talk about how we make our fiberglass pools with your enduring enjoyment in mind.


Creating a high-quality fiberglass pool built to last starts with the mold from which your pool is built. The manufacturing campus is intentionally designed to eliminate factors that compromise a mold's integrity. Our state-of-the-art super plant ensures that molds are stored indoors and moved around on flat surfaces. Our workflow minimizes unnecessary movement of the molds. Because our pools are crafted, cured, trimmed, and prepped indoors, you end up with a swimming pool that’s beautiful and solid. 

Now, let‘s look at the quality materials that go into our pools.


Our pool surface gelcoat is designed to last and look luxurious. It’s smooth, resistant to algae, and a dog’s claws won’t scratch it. River Pools® uses the highest quality gelcoat on the market, so you can feel confident in your purchase knowing that your pool surface is one of the most tested and reputable on the market.


Our vinyl ester resin barrier coat prevents potential blistering and protects the surface finish of your pool. 


Fiberglass is combined with 100 percent polyester resin in multiple pool layers. We use both equipment-applied chopped fiberglass and hand-laid woven roving fiberglass to get the optimal physical properties that a best-in-class fiberglass pool requires. We don’t cut corners by adding fillers because adding any filler will decrease the structural properties and negatively affect the integrity of the surface.


Specific areas of the pool shell are subject to higher levels of flexural stress. Think where the pool floor meets the walls, tanning ledges, steps, and benches. We reinforce these areas with this added layer of woven roving fiberglass for additional strength.

Manufacturers Warranty

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